Render-Atlanta started as a conference that brings together the best topics & experiences in Software Engineering & Culture to learn from one another and help career advancement through deep community bonds. Meet our team below that's creating a new global intersection of Software Engineering x Culture.

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Justin Samuels photo

Justin E. Samuels

Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Reba Noel photo

Reba Noel

Head of Legal

Hank Washington photo

Hank WAshington

Head of Design

Dania Luc photo

Dania Luc

Social Community Outreach Director

Berto Horne photo

Berto Horne

Hospitality Director

Briana Holmes photo

Briana Holmes

Marketing & Communications Director

Ashley photo

Ashley Huynh

Dev Advocate

Eric Heyward photo

Eric Heyward

Executive of Business Growth & Development

Taylor McNeil photo

Taylor mcneil

Dev Advocate

Phillip Karaya photo

Phillip Karaya

Executive of Finance

Sika Smith photo

sika smith

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Brooklyn Harper photo

brooklyn harper

Industrial Engineer/Project Manager

Casey Jostine photo

casey jostine

Project Manager

Justin Johnson photo

justin johnson

TikTok Curator

Kristina Dixon photo

kristina dixon

Post Sales Manager


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